A Theory Why

A Play in Two Acts

“It’s been coming again for a long long time, as it always does. Its been whispered for hundreds of years. We’ve all known it. Men and women of every race and creed have been expecting it. And so now, it is becoming known, again… And so quietly, over two hundred years ago, with the birth of the silent Christ, Hans Christian Andersen, the answer to the mystery of existence began to come from the mythical realm of the fairly tale to the realm of modern consciousness…”

This Book Has Already Touched You

Copyrighted in 1994, and sent to publishers in 1995 – this book has already had a profound impact on your life. And now the time is coming where you will begin to see why. A Theory Why, the most secret and controversial manuscript in America since 1995, has been the subject of countless venues in the entertainment industry: countless movies, music, popular opinion and debate – what has happened will be alluded to when you ponder the prologue. Yet in the best interests of all parties we can only hint as to the supernatural events that have and are transpiring on the continent of North America and directly impacting worldview and outlook. Many movies that you’ve been watching for the past fifteen years are a direct result of the secret and epic struggle to bring the manuscript to the public. We have succeeded. What is important is that you now have the actual 400 paged manuscript kept mostly in its original form with necessary but minimal editing. This is it - most likely what the world has been waiting for - an answer - and hope. The literary circle has been bringing it in this timely and vital answer to the mystery of existence for two hundred years - and now – today – right on time - its been firmly tossed on the scientific and historic testing table - ready to stand up to the full battery of tests - as all theories must be. We predict that this theory is going to stay strong and right on the table – the way a theory does when it’s not completely wrong…

This is not a half-truth here being sold, as so many ‘secrets’ are today – childish hilarious sales pitch selling techniques that even kids smile at! This is not sugarcoated stuff for the masses in order to make a good prophet. “Oh you can achieve this, oh you can achieve that – so let us sell you that fine truth, even if its only half of the picture – but by all means – let us sell it to you!” No. We’re moving beyond that. The “what you can do for yourself” sales pitch - this limited and halfway at looking at life - is over. A Theory Why is bold to attempt to look at the whole picture – and therefore at the real picture. What is important is not just figuring out what we can do for ourselves in our own lives but in seeing – in growing greater compassion and wisdom – in endeavoring to understand what all lives are really doing and how we can move forward – not just in our own dreams but in the collective dream – in the hopeful race of our entire humanity.

The Real Secret of Secrets

Standing tall on the shoulders of great philosophers, scientists, and literary heroes, this major literary work presents a stunning theory as to why life exists. Destined to become an enduring and timeless classic this instant classic shows how the simple, is also the vastly deep – and how indeed this simple answer has today emerged from the vast deep of our very own internal ocean – of humanities collective unconscious – now resoundingly breaking through the surface with blasts of victory for modern man to begin to assimilate into modern consciousness. The real secret of secrets is out, it has come up from the deep in time, to aid us through this crisis point in humanity’s unfolding spiritual growth.

Humanity Has A Chance

As the late great Joseph Campbell so clearly saw, humanity is indeed at the crossroads in its spiritual life - and hence – in its life. We’re either going to figure it out and get through to the next levels of growth or we’re going to remain dumb and not make it as a race. Its that simple. We’ve rapidly advanced to that critical breaking point. But nature has a way of lending a hand right at the most critical times…

An idea has come in. Standing on the shoulders of literary giants and great philosophers and scientists – something has happened. Something has happened here. The answer why has been brought in from the deep. It’s perceived as destined to change the whole outlook of mankind – for enlightenment and freedom. For example, there is no longer any fear of a conquering elite new world order – because understanding the word why levels the playing field. Completely. In the same way that we can now see the future we can see the past. All of the world’s necessary religions were means of dealing with the mystery of existence – of why. The present is making itself known. The word why is here. Now.

Closing Words of the Prologue

“It is our hope that this book was what you were looking for to slack your thirst and that it may be a reminder of that wondrous stream of comfort as you and I, not alone and forlorn as an unhappy possibility that Twain’s good natured sarcasm pointed out in our comings and goings, but rather you and I, steadfastly together make our journeys back and forth from nothing to something, and from something to nothing, entirely protected in birth just as in death - as the ever present and sustaining universal waters gently support our innermost hearts and minds in this grand cycle of dreaming and waking which flows greatly and gracefully ever on.”

Hans Christian Andersen Knew Why

Referred to as the charms of Hans Christian “Enderson” by Joyce in his great book Finnegan’s Wake – H.C.E. is the secret code name of the central great mystery of the entire work - God. James Joyce well knew that Hans Christian Andersen, as a silent messenger, had revealed the mystery of life. He told it quietly to children in his fairy tales, quietly to the people who had the ears to hear. Little wonder that Hans is the most popular author in literary history. And now the trumpet which he then kept silent is beginning its timely ring with true and clear peals sounding in the ears of adults of the 21st century.

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